Freshness and naturalness.

Fresh milk, which is the raw material of ARC Dairy products; It is collected from the milk of Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions and from many different producers every day, in the evening and in the morning, after the necessary checks by veterinarians, and delivered to the collection centers without delay.


In ARC Dairy products, where the principle of naturalness is never compromised, every stage of production is meticulously inspected by food engineers and dairy technologists, starting from milk reception. Fresh, clean and quality products are produced with their natural taste and no additives are used.

Control at every stage, health to every product.

We rigorously focus on the issues of reliability and health in production and protect the vitamins and minerals inherent in fresh milk with the pasteurization process performed at international norms. Dairy products processed in high technology production facilities are produced in ARC Dairy with all their nutritional values preserved. For hygiene control, samples are taken from different points in the factory and microbiological analyzes are done, and both microbiological and chemical analyzes are completed by taking a sample of these products before the products are shipped out.

Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratories

In Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratories with advanced technological facilities established within the enterprise, milk and dairy products are produced and controlled in a healthy, quality and standard manner in accordance with the relevant legislation and in a quality that will get the appreciation of the consumer. Necessary analyzes are carried out with great care in all stages from raw milk reception to shipping out the products.