Quality Policy

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Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers beyond their expectations, to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system with a perspective within the framework of all conditions and legislation, to ensure the growth and development of our organization, and to become one of the leading organizations in our sector.

To achieve our goal:

  • We plan our activities by taking into consideration the wishes and expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and society..
  • We prioritize quality and efficiency in production, we adopt quality as a lifestyle.
  • We establish mutually beneficial cooperation with our suppliers.
  • We adopt to offer professional development and self-improvement opportunities to all our employees in order to make the most effective use of human resources.
  • We aim to achieve the highest performance in our processes by considering risks and opportunities with a participatory, process-oriented and risk-based thinking management approach.
  • We take the necessary care to protect human health and environment.
    By monitoring and using new technologies, we provide continuous improvement of all our processes.

Food Safety

Hygiene Policy
To determine the physical, chemical and biological food safety hazards at every stage of the products we offer to our customers, to control them, to ensure that they are produced in accordance with health and hygiene rules.

Personnel Health Control Policy
Health reports are requested from all personnel on their start of working. In cases of contagious diseases, upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, nausea, coughing, sneezing, they are not accepted to the production area by the Production Supervisor and sent to health control.

Entry Policy to Production Areas
Our visitors, our suppliers, can only enter our production areas by wearing special aprons, bonnets and subject to the visitor check list. Anyone who carries or has been exposed to any potential source of microbial or viral contamination is not accepted into the production area.