70% Demineralized Whey Powder

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70% Demineralized Whey Powder

It is a natural dairy product obtained by demineralizing the whey separated from the cheese made using rennet, taking the minerals in the desired ratio and pulverizing it by spraying method.

It is produced by demineralizing the fresh whey obtained from various cheeses in the nanofiltration unit and drying after pulverizing. It is a semi-finished product. It can be used as powder, melted or with different foodstuffs.

It has a unique cream or yellow color, unique fluid powder structure, homogeneous appearance and does not contain any preservatives, coloring agents and other additives.

  • Packaging 25kg Bag
  • Storage conditions Max. 65% relative humidity and 25 ° C
  • Package Size 30x70x20 cm
  • Content Whey


It is packaged in airtight 25 kg bag packages, which are clean and never used, are air, light and moisture proof, preventing external contamination, polyethylene bag inside and 3-layer paper bag outside.

  • Energy Value kcal / kj: 352/1475
  • Total fat g: 1
  • Protein (in dry matter) g: 8
  • Total sugar (Lactose g): 85
  • Ash g: 5,5 – 4,0 – 1,0

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life:

Store at low relative humidity (Max 65%) and at suitable temperature (Max 25 ° C). Keep the package unopened in dry and cool places where its properties will not deteriorate and there are no foreign odor substances and protect it from sunlight.

Country of origin: Turkey