Skimmed Milk Powder

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Skimmed Milk Powder

It is a durable and highly nutritious dairy product obtained by pulverizing the condensed dry matter after the water in the raw milk is evaporated.

In this context, modern drying technologies are available in our factory that do drying without harming the nutritional value of milk. Milk powder means that milk is ready at all times for the consumer.

Milk powder; It is a very rich product in terms of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Milk powder is produced from fresh and healthy milk with no additives. Production is done in fully automatic and computer controlled systems without human touch.

  • Packaging 25kg Bag
  • Storage conditions Maks. Max. 65% relative humidity and max 25 ° C
  • Package Size 30x70x20 cm
  • Content Skimmed cow’s milk

Packaging :

It is packed in 25 kg bags of non-air-tight, polyethylene bag inside and 3-layer paper bag outside, clean and never used, impervious to air, light and moisture, preventing contamination from outside, made of material suitable for human health.

  • Energy Value kcal / kj: 352/1475
  • Total fat g: 1
  • Protein (in dry matter) g: 35
  • Total sugar (Lactose g): 52

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life:

Store at low relative humidity (Max 65%) and at suitable temperature (Max 35 ° C). Keep the package unopened in dry and cool places where its properties will not deteriorate and there are no foreign odor substances and protect it from sunlight.

Country of origin: Turkey